Flexible Marketing Staff

green & purple rubber bandsAn important part of our business is our Flexible Staffing Service, an arrangement for your company to have temporary long or short term access to an experienced marketing professional, as if they were a part of your staff without the traditional overhead of an employee.

As a small company, we thoroughly understand the challenges of operating a small or medium sized business. We know how important it is to utilize all of your resources in the most effective manner possible. That’s why we have developed a different business model.  You gain a professional who has the knowledge, experience and connections needed to get the job done so you can concentrate on what you know best.

Our Flexible Staffing was developed for those companies that are growing and need marketing on a continuous basis but do not need a full time marketing professional or lack the resources to support both a full time employee and the accompanying marketing initiatives.
Your On-Staff acts as a member of your staff as you need them.

How We Partner with You

  • We learn your products and services
  • We work closely with your staff
  • We attend sales and strategy meetings
  • We provide support of company events
  • Have a desk at your office

By building strong interpersonal relationships with your staff and gaining firsthand exposure to your company, we are able to more effectively develop and manage marketing tactics and communications to help grow your business.

We invite you to become one of our Part-Time Staffing clients and to entrust us to help your company meet all of its objectives.

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