Is your Social Media Working for You?

Social Media FunnelI hear almost every day I need help with social media or my social media is not working.  Social Media is all the rage today in marketing. Before social media people thought marketing was just advertising and today people think it is advertising and social media!  That is a whole other blog article but let’s talk about Social Media.

Let’s break it down. First what is Social Media in reality from a marketing perspective? Quite simple really, Social Media is a tool to form/build relationships and a platform to promote your business. Like any tool it has its purpose – just like you don’t use a hammer to cut with you don’t’ use social media for a one on one personal conversation. So how do you use this “new” tool effectively? In order to use anything new we need to learn about it. Once we do that we can create a plan just like anything else.
Depending on the size of your company your plan could be very complex and involve many people but since I work mostly with small companies I am going to focus on that with the following ten steps.
10 Step Social Media Plan
1) Set Goals – Who do you want to reach, do you want to grow your audience, do you want your audience to engage more, do you need to post more, do you want to generate leads, do you want to educate, get referrals…
2) Assess your resources – How much time does your company have to devote to Social Media to do it right, who can help, do you have time to learn, do you have talent in photography, video development, writing…
3) Learn about your Audience – Who do you want to reach, what are they using (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram Pinterest…) what information do they want from you
4) Pick your Social Media Sites – based on 1 – 3.
5) Provide Content that Counts – Your content needs to interest your audience so that they engage and share. Your content will help build trust and can help build the relationship.
6) Cross Promote – Make sure you provide links to your Social Media sites offline as well as on any online marketing you do. Also promote your offline activities using your Social Media presence.
7) Develop a Calendar – Review what you have going on for the year in all your marketing, assign responsibility to team members to help, encourage them to share your company’s posts. Determine when you will post so it becomes part of your day.
8) It’s About Value – Better to provide less content with quality then lots of posts with no relevance. Better to have followers who care about your business than just a slew of followers who don’t really know who you are.
9) Build a community – Share information relevant to your industry, ask questions, educate, get people excited and sharing with another, help and yes promote your business.
10) Evaluate – What worked, what didn’t determine why, adjust and move forward.
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ABC’s of Customer Communications

ABC’s of Customer Communications
A,B,C of Communication
No matter what size your business is or what your business does, communicating with them is essential. Do your prospects know who you are, what you do and what is different about you? Do they know the value you can bring to their business? Do you have a sustained marketing process that communicates this to your stakeholders?
If you don’t you should and here are some reasons why, as well as some easy tips on what you should communicate and how. Read more »

Happy New Year

Most of us are  not big on resolutions however each year I think everyone wants to improve.  So why not focus on a few areas that will do just that.  It provides a bit of a check and balance of how we spend our time and helps us reach our goals.

Five Simple Ways To Make Positive Changes  for 2015

Focus on one task at a time – even if it is just a two minute task
Involve – Get involved in one new group, activity that can benefit your life and evaluate what you should drop
Value – Make sure that everything you do provides value to your customers, your family, friends and yourself
Evolve – Identify an area where you want to grow and learn and put the effort in to make it happen
! – Take time to be thankful and show gratitude

No gyms, no diets, no broken promises…

Happy Healthy New Year!