ABC’s of Customer Communications

ABC’s of Customer Communications
A,B,C of Communication
No matter what size your business is or what your business does, communicating with them is essential. Do your prospects know who you are, what you do and what is different about you? Do they know the value you can bring to their business? Do you have a sustained marketing process that communicates this to your stakeholders?
If you don’t you should and here are some reasons why, as well as some easy tips on what you should communicate and how.

Relationship Building – people buy from people they are familiar with and know. By communicating with your prospects and customers you are building your relationship with them and they are learning more about you.

Maintaining Top of Mind Status –frequent communications will reinforce the bond you have with your client and continually raise your awareness level with your prospects.

Inform them about seminars, webinars, workshops, conferences, speakers, etc. that may be of interest to them.

Keep your stakeholders up-to-date about any changes in your business such as a new product, service, employee or award. Send them your press releases.

Use multiple communication tools, such as invitations, postcards, hand written notes, newsletters, video, webinars, and social media to reach them.
Take advantage of what different mediums have to offer as they have different purposes and because people respond to various mediums differently. What works for some won’t work for others.
Repeat, repeat, repeat…never stop

Your ultimate goal with your prospects and clients is to be the first and hopefully only source your client thinks of whenever he or she needs what you provide. Your communications provide you with a very powerful competitive advantage, which also adds value to your business.
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