Marketing 360 – Freelance Marketing


Marketing-360-LogoFounded in 2003 Marketing 360 has been providing professional marketing services in Cleveland, Ohio and beyond for over 10 years. We are committed to assisting businesses and organizations achieve their business objectives through well planned and insightful marketing and communications that help them find, obtain and retain customers. We are a hands-on provider of extensive marketing solutions` that bring value to small and mid-sized businesses.

Marketing 360 works with its’ clients as a  strategic hands-on marketing partner providing comprehensive marketing capabilities. Our clients receive professional marketing management, which can be a combination of top-down strategic planning and/or bottom-up marketing management.

Marketing 360 can help clarify your marketing goals and objectives, plan a marketing campaign, manage project execution, provide talent you would not otherwise have available, and deliver results against stated objectives. Marketing 360 works closely with you and your staff and will work in-house as desired by the client.